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Food Processing Line Worker

Due to increased production demand, TFF is expanding our production line. Our production line is standardized, well organized and clean. Workers are required to wear food processing uniforms and hair nets.

Currently there are 10 openings in this position. Please apply if you feel that you are interested in food processing career and are a good fit to this position.

Special Work Environment:

  • Mainly working under temperature between 4°C and 8°C

  • Must wear food processing uniform and hair net (provided by company), and beard nets if applicable

  • Must wear work shoes (Not provided by company)


From CAD$15.50 per hour

Job Type:

Full time, Permanent


9:00 to 17:30


  • Food processing

  • Food packaging

  • Moving food material

  • Work station cleaning

  • Any other duties assigned


  • Must be legally working in Canada

  • Must be legal working age

  • Previous experiences of working in kitchens or food processing positions are priorly considered

Please send your resume to or contact 647-763-0082 to apply.

Food Processing Line Worker: Text
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